- Secure Click -

Secure Click is a brand new rich client technology. This runs x86 binary on a separate environment on a desktop PC. The environment is separated from normal one, so it runs native x86 binary directly but perfect secure.

Secure Click Three features

- Security
With running apps in a separated environment, you can run any application perfectly safely, even if it has computer viruses.

- Speed
Secure Click seeks faster speed in every criteria, including booting, running, administrating.

- Compatibility
Secure Click has compatibility with existing apps, and existing distributions.

Secure Click Three fastness

- Fast booting
OS boots fast, and downloading apps is also very fast.

- Fast running
Not like VM technology including Java, Secure Click runs all apps as native x86 code including MMX multimedia extention. and they run native x86 speed .

- Fast administrating
Secure Click does not require installing. Does not require recovery. You just click on the web, then they run.

ISO Boot (Using OpenVZ)

Command Line (Using LXC)

Demo movies
Flash Demo 1 ( 3MB ) - recommended.
Flash Demo 2 ( 17MB )
Flash Demo 3 ( 3MB )
Flash Demo 4 ( 7MB )
Flash Demo 5 ( 11MB )
Flash Demo 6 ( 9MB )
Flash Demo 7 ( 22MB ) - Command Line version.

Meta Distribution

Meta Distribution is very important and brand new concept of Secure Click. In Secure Click, you can run any application of any distribution freely and safely, and you can run multiple different distributions at once.
Now, you dont have to choose distribution, but can run all at once. What you can choose is Secure Click ( = meta distribution ) and not each distribution. This changes the concept of distribution and will go to the new one, called Meta Distribution.

How to use:(ISO Version)

First, understand this is NO WARRANTY.
Then, burn the ISO image to CD-R, then reboot. After booted, clicking Opera icon to show menu.
ISO version uses OpenVZ.

System requirements:
Network:DHCP recommended. No proxy supported yet.
Can run on VMware/Virtualbox/QEMU.

You need network. Without network, you can do nothing, because all apps are downloaded from the net.

Does not boot:
You understand the meaning of "Burning ISO image"? Maybe created a big single file?

How to use:(Command Line Version)

This is also NO WARRANTY.

This version (Nov 2009 version) is only for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala with kernel version 2.6.31-14-generic, but will be ported to Debian Lenny and Fedora 12 soon.
This uses LXC.

Before starting, choose "Virtual IP". This is an IP assined for a VM. It must be
- same segment of your real IP.
- not be used for now.
For example, if your segment is 192.168.1.xx, then, choose unsed IP from any of 192.168.1.xx.

[Karmic]$ wget www.secureclick.jp/sc.20091125.tgz
[Karmic]$ tar -xvzf
[Karmic]$ cd sc.20091125
[Karmic]$ sudo ./install.sh
[Karmic]$ sudo ./firefox.fedora10.sh 192.168.1.xx
(Replace 192.168.1.xx for your virtual IP)
[Karmic]$ sudo ./firefox.debian_lenny.sh 192.168.1.zz
(Use another virtual IP if you run it concurrently.)

Lisenced by GPL. ISO contains src codes.

Mailing List( For English speakers):
BBS( Japanese Only):
E-mail to me: okajima at digitalinfra.co.jp ( English and Japanese lang only).
Written by Okajima, Jun. Tokyo, Japan. Sep 2009.
Copyright (c) 2009 Digital Infra, Inc. All rights reserved.